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I always take a full set of camping equipment on these cycle trips as I find it makes for a cheap way to travel, all I really need to buy is food. And it can work really well for example on my European trip I spent just over £1000, during 3 ½ months in which I covered over 4000 miles. Indeed travelling in this way I have managed to cycle over 13,500 miles around more than 22 different European countries.


John O Groats to Landsend

UK Cycle - 3-1_1

A 28 day trip during which I covered over 1100 miles through Scotland and England

My European Cycle


108 days cycling 4002 miles through France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and the Czech Republic to reach Germany in time for the World Cup in 2006

Greece Lightning


5 weeks cycling 1400 miles through Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia



A Loop Around Spain

Spain Highlights - (24)_1

6 weeks covering 2590 miles around Spain, I started and finished in Barcelona and cycled a clockwise loop around the country


Day 30 - (12)_1

6 weeks cycling 950 miles around Portugal. Me and my wife flew into Lisbon and cycled North to start a loop around the country before driving across Spain to reach Mallorca.

Turkey to Croatia

Day 16 - Processed - 2000 width (2)

A 3 month trip during which I cycled 3000 miles through Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and finished in Croatia



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