5 Natural Wonders You Must See In Australia

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There are many great reasons to visit Australia. One big reason to travel to this country is the natural wonders it has to offer. Below are just 5 of the country’s top natural wonders and why you need to visit them.

The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales are a mountain range and national park. They offer some incredible sights including dramatic cliffs, stunning waterfalls and lush forests of eucalyptus. The most popular place to visit in the Blue Mountains is Echo Point where you can take in the iconic Three Sisters rock formation. You can easily visit the Blue Mountains from Sydney – there are trains and bus tours from Sydney that you can book. Visit during the week to avoid the crowds!

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system and it contains an array of diverse marine wildlife. There are many different ways to see the reef including snorkelling, scuba diving, taking a bottomless boat or even taking a submarine. You can visit the reef from many places in Queensland. You could book this Hamilton Island accommodation and enjoy a relaxing beach break combined with a tour of the reef. Alternatively, you could book a hotel in Cairns and take a tour from here, while also getting to explore the city sights of Cairns.


Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is a huge sandstone monolith in the centre of Australia. This giant red rock formation is one of the most popular and famous sights in the country. It is known for being sacred to the indigenous people of Australia and there are many tours you can take around it. Alice Springs is the closest city and is where most people stay when visiting Uluru. There are a few hotels and campsites that are closer – some even providing views of Uluru – however expect to pay more for this accommodation.

King’s Canyon

King’s Canyon is located in the Northern Territory of Australia at the end of George Gill Range. It has been home to the indigenous people of Australia for 20,000 years. These towering red rock cliffs provide some breathtaking views – there are tours you can take or you can explore them yourself. King’s Canyon is very remote and typically requires a long day of travelling to get to. Alice Springs is the nearest major town and it is 450 kilometres away.

The Pinnacles

Located in the desert of Western Australia, The Pinnacles consist of a range of mysterious limestone structures that jut out of the sand. You can travel to The Pinnacles from the small fishing town of Cervantes – there are specialist tours that you can take. Alternatively, you can hire a car and make your own way here. Just make sure to carefully plan out your journey so that you know where to stop for food, gas and sleep.

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