COUNTRY 69 – Blog and Video Release

Corn Flakes in Cyprus - Youtube Photo - 2

Cyprus – Another Country Cornflakeified – . A film about my 11 day visit to the island of Cyprus during which I camped and slept in a hire car, driving all over the Greek section of the country car so I could see as much as possible. It was a great experience with a couple of world-class ruins, an infamous carnival, an abandoned city and obviously me eating flakes. . .

NEW MODERN EXPLORERS FILM – Adams Calendar Explored

Adams Calendar - Youtube Photo

Adams Calendar Explored . . Mick and Rich visited this site while travelling around Southern Africa. This site was quite simply amazing, a huge network of millions of stone circles of different shapes and sizes, many connected by channels or veins and a megalithic complex on top of an escarpment over-looking a couple of possible pyramids. Take a look at our visit to the northeast of South Africa and this recent megalithic discovery that could force us to reconsider the truth about our past. . .

COUNTRY 76 – Blog and Video Release

Corn Flakes in Swaziland - Screen Shot (3)

. Swaziland – My Latest Country Cornflakeified – . . My trip to Swaziland came at the end of a 3 month tour of Southern Africa, I only stayed for 4 days but found enough to make me want to return. I went to a cultural village showing how the people used to live during the 1850s, white-water rafted down the Great Usutu River and visited a fantastic project which educates the community about the benefits of permaculture. . .

COUNTRY 74 – Blog and Video Release

Corn Flakes in Botswana - Youtube Thumbnail (6)

. Botswana – My Latest Country Cornflakeified – . . A film about my 8 day trip through Botswana, the 74th country I have visited on my Corn Flake Mission.This was in the middle of a 3 month tour of Southern Africa during which we drove over 30,000km exploring this section of an amazing continent. Botswana is a sparsely populated country full of delights such as salt pans, sacred hills, rock paintings, animals walking all over the road, the beautiful Okavango Delta and a National Park with the densest concentration of elephants in the world – all of these you can see in this film. Music – Allan, Ror-Shak and various others . .