Modern Explorer Trips

Modern Explorer Trips


Over the years I visited many ancient sites and my fascination with the ancient civilisation topic grew the more I saw. Since 2012 I went on the trips below to photograph and video ancient sites, usually megalithic monuments but also some possible pyramids and we also tried to squeeze some eco-friendly projects in there on some of the trips.


Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Day 74 - (16)_1

At the end of my 3 month cycle from Turkey to Croatia I volunteered for 2 weeks excavating some potential pyramids in Bosnia

The U.K Megalithic Roadtrip

5. Stonehenge (3)_1

We drove around the UK for 10 days filming a variety of different megalithic sites

le Tour de France and Italy

France Trip Background 2000s (3)_1

We drove all over Southern France and Italy to video dolmen, Menhirs, Stone circles, possible Stone spheres and pyramids

Megalithic Malta


2. Ggantija (1)_1

I hiked all over Malta videoing the ancient temples and other ancient structures such as dolmen, standing stones and the mysterious cart-ruts

The Middle East

A good old fashiioned trip to malta

1. Jordan Highlights (82)

This trip was more about travelling but there were a number of sites that were worth visiting – Petra, The Tombs of the Kings and a number of dolmen fields

Megaliths in The Spanish Pyrenees


This was a 10 day camping trip driving from one end of the Pyrenees to the other to visit a number of dolmen, standing stones and stone circles




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