3 Great Reasons To Travel With Friends

Solo travelling is exciting in its own right, as you decide where to visit and how to get there. Likewise, it’s easier to make last-minute plans without experiencing inconvenience. Solo travel also makes it easier to meet new people wherever you visit. However, have you considered travelling with friends? Indeed, visiting new places with your friends can be exciting for many reasons, including the following. 

  1. Strengthen friendship bonds 

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Admittedly, you may have a busy schedule juggling work, school or other activities. This can certainly take a toll on your friendships. It’s common for friends to drift apart as they get older, as you have less time to meet up and bond. However, you can salvage your friendships by planning a group trip. Travelling can encourage you to spend quality time with your buddies and compensate for the lost time.

  1. There’s safety in numbers

The saying “there is safety in numbers” is especially true when travelling with your buddies. Travelling alone can be daunting, especially if you’re in a new environment and aren’t familiar with the locals’ way of life. Moreover, you have sole responsibility for avoiding scams and looking out for yourself now and then. However, having your friends around can help you feel more at ease, as you have others looking out for you. Moreover, exploring your destination in a group is relatively safer, as it may deter scoundrels from attacking your group. 

Despite these, taking the necessary precautions to enhance safety is still essential. As a tip, stick to your friends often, and inform them if you have to be alone at some point. It’s also prudent to plan where you will meet up with your friends if you’re exploring your destination solo, so keep this in mind. Ensure that you write their contact numbers on a paper or little book if you need to contact them after your phone dies. 

  1. Group travel is budget-friendly 

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Solo travelling means you’re responsible for catering to your accommodation, transportation, feeding and other expenses. While you can achieve these on a budget, having an adventure with friends can also be a great option to explore the world without worrying about straining your finances. For instance, you and your friends can pool your resources together to get decent accommodation if you prioritise comfort, hospitality and proximity to your desired tourist attractions. 

Moreover, you can easily split your taxi bills when visiting popular hotspots that are located far away from your accommodation. If taking taxis or public transportation isn’t your preferred choice, then it shouldn’t be a challenge to find vehicle rental services – depending on your location. For example, if you’re visiting Australia and you decide to explore Perth, you can consider renting a minivan for your group from companies like Burswood Car Rentals and other local car hire services. 

Whenever you have the opportunity, travelling with friends is a fantastic way to create memories that keep your friendships strong – especially if you don’t meet up often. It’s important to pick a date and destination that’s more convenient for you and your friends to avoid feeling pressured. Don’t forget to determine individual budgets beforehand so you can make more informed decisions regarding the travel budgets within your group.

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